Donate a Walking Cane, Give independence to Blind


walking canes are the lifeline for the blind

The Walking Canes have proved a useful tool to millions of blind people in navigating their environments with confidence and ease. We believe that independence and freedom to travel are critical for improving the quality of life of a blind individual.

Regardless of their ability to pay, every blind person should have a walking cane to move independently.

Walking without cane is a nightmare for visually impaired people. The white canes are lifeline for any person who is deprived from the gift of sight. It has proved as the most potent tool for the blind people, so that they can walk, navigate their path without assistance. The walking cane has become a symbol of the ability of a visually impaired person to move around on his own. Every blind person should have a walking cane to move independently.

Help be their eyes, donate a walking cane. Your contribution will give independence to the blind individuals to navigate their path without assistance.

Donations made to Blind Welfare Society are Exempted under section 80G of Indian Income Tax Act, 1961.

Donate via UPI


International Donations

If you are donating from outside India, you can contribute through GiveIndia which is a most largest and trusted donation platform.

Donations made to GiveIndia are exempted under section 501(C) for US residence.

Bank Transfers

You can transfer your contributions in the below account:

Account Holder Name: Blind Welfare Society

Account Number: 31073619505

Bank Name: State Bank of India

Branch Name: Jawalaheri



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