About Us

Blind Welfare Society is a registered non-government voluntary Organization. It was founded to undertake various projects in the field of Education, Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation for the people with visual challenges. Since inception, Blind Welfare Society meaningful initiatives have bagged various accolades in its shelf.

Empowering visually impaired girls was one of the prime objectives behind establishing the Blind Welfare Society as there is a dearth of organizations working for the betterment of visually impaired girls in India. We affirm that visually impaired young girls and women are more vulnerable and thus need extra support. It is our endeavour to create an environment where the lack of money or opportunities does not make blind girl’s situation worse.

Blind welfare society strongly resents any action which could show the visually impaired people as disabled. Blindness is just the physical loss of eyesight, nothing more. Blind people are like everyone else, and can be expected to perform on a par. BWS has a crucial role to play in creating a world where there are no barriers to people with sight loss. We strive to increase the independence, access to education, equal opportunity, social security and quality of life for people with vision loss.

We have continued to expand our programs and services to meet the needs of the community we serve.