Welcome to Blind Welfare Society

While the exact number of visually impaired persons in India is not clearly available, still, we have a sizeable section of people with vision loss in the Country. And thus, it is our duty to enhance the quality of life of our blind sisters and brothers. Blind Welfare Society has been established for the welfare of the people with visual challenges. It is registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1960.

Since inception, higher education of girls with vision loss has been one of the prime objectives of our organization. The institution therefore offers very clean, hygienic and professionally managed high-quality hostel facilities to the college going visually challenged girls without any charge. The hostel has been designed to provide our girls a comfortable and homely life. The infrastructure is designed to be safe and appropriate for residents with visual impairment. 

We have touched the lives of many blind individuals and guided them along the path to fulfillment and independence. We believe to remove barriers, create solutions, and expand possibilities for people with vision loss. We are committed to creating a more equitable world for people with visual disabilities.